AIR CONDITIONING

         If your air conditioner is not cooling the vehicles interior sufficiently you may have an electrical problem or a leak in the system. We can diagnos and repair any problem with your vehicles air conditioning system. We have the latest refrigerant leak detector on the market to pinpoint leaks quickly and accurately. We also have a ROBINAIR A/C recharging unit for R-134a refrigerant found in most vehicles.


       If your vehicle pulls left or right, or your tires are wearing unevenly, your vehicle may require a 2 or 4 wheel alignment. Things that may change your alignment are driving over rough roads or potholes, accidents, hitting curbs or having parts replaced without checking alignment afterwards. We have an FMC Computerized wheel aligner to make sure you go straight down the road.


        If you are experencing any of the following conditions with your brakes you should have them inspected by a qualified service technician as soon as possible.

      -Brake grinding or squealing    

      - Vehicle pull left or right when brake applied

      -Low or pulsating brake pedal

      -Brake light in dashboard illuminated

                                       DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE


         Today's Hi-Tech vehicles require up to date equipment to diagnose any electronic problem a vehicle may have. Computers control many different systems on todays vehicles such as fuel delivery, ignition timing, transmission, antilock brakes, air conditioning and more. We have a variety of specialized equipment to diagnose these systems such as the OTC GENYSIS scanner, OTC lab scope and handheld meters. We also subsribe to the ALLDATA information system that gives us up to date diagnosis and repair information as well as wiring diagrams,specifications and much more.

          If you are experiencing any drivability problems such as hard starting, running rough, poor fuel mileage etc. contact our service department and we can solve the problem. If any lights in your dash are on such as CHECK ENGINE  or ABS you should have them diagnosed to ensure you are not damaging your vehicle. Even if your vehicle seems to be running fine you still may be damaging expensive components, for example your vehicle may be overfueling the engine and damaging the catalytic convertor. You might not find out until you fail an emission test (too late). So be sure to have those lights properly diagnosed, it can save you alot of money down the road.

                                            EXHAUST SYSTEMS

            We can repair or replace exhaust systems on domestic and import cars and trucks. We also have mufflers available with a lifetime waranty so you'll never pay for one again. If you are looking for a performance exhaust system to improve fuel mileage, performance or give you that classic rumble, we can supply and install them too.

                                           FLUID MAINTENANCE

             On todays vehicles fluid maintenance is very important. Fluid replacement is a relatively inexpensive way to combat major repair bills. By replacing the fluids in your vehicle you can avoid costly repairs such as engine or transmission rebuilds, headgaskets, ABS brake problems, steering rack & pinion replacement and more.

                                           SAFETY INSPECTIONS

              If you are buying or selling a vehicle and require a Provincial Safety Standards Certificate we can help. We will inspect your vehicle for any safety defects and give you a free estimate should any repairs be required.


               Terraclean is an oustanding piece of equipment designed to safely remove carbon buildup from inside your engine. It will also clean your oxygen sensor(s) and catalytic convertor(s). If your vehicle suffers from loss of performance, poor fuel mileage, foul emissions or irregular idling you may have an excessive carbon buildup that should be removed.

                                           TIRE SALES & SERVICE

                If you are looking for new or used tires we can help. We have many suppliers to get you the right tire at the right price. We can also repair your old tires should they be leaking or require balancing.


                 Keeping your vehicle in tune has many benefits such as improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, smoother running and more power. Some of todays vehicles aren't schedueled for a tune-up until they reach 160,000 kms, but after that amount of time it can become difficult to remove the spark plugs especially in an aluminum cylinder head. That is why we recommend at least removing the spark plugs, cleaning the threads and applying an antiseize compound to them.